We, at Ginebra San Miguel Inc., are committed to provide customer satisfaction with our quality products and services.

With strong management commitment, we continuously challenge and improve our integrated quality, environment, food safety, and occupational health and safety management systems to guarantee product safety and quality.

Driven by our mission to provide world-class liquors, we:

  • develop and empower our people;
  • innovate to delight our customers;
  • equal the needs and expectations of our stakeholders;
  • comply with applicable laws and regulations, and internationally recognized standards;
  • exercise leadership in providing quality and environmentally acceptable manufacturing processes and products;
  • develop and implement processes which involve the sustainable use of resources, pollution prevention and waste management;
  • strive to eliminate hazards and reduce risks through the use of appropriate technologies, safe operating procedures and best practices; and
  • influence key stakeholders by sharing the company’s integrated management system policy.


Guided by our core values, we shall maintain our tradition as the “Home of Quality Products and People”.



Emmanuel B. Macalalag
General Manager
8 January 2020